Internet. Essay

“Nowadays more and more people have access to the Internet. But constant availability of any information worsens people’s memory and critical thinking skills.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

The advent of technology triggered the rapid development of the Internet that, for many, has opened doors to unlimited sources of data. However, the flow of information is irrepressible, meaning that most people cannot cope with as much as they have to. Eventually, it can lead to various problems, some of which will be discussed in this essay.

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Where friendship and honour still matter

They are all over the world, you see. You may not notice them in a crowd; they lead ordinary lives. But at home, where nobody is around to see them, they will hunch over a dog-eared book with an old, worn-out cover. They will smirk and sigh; they will wipe away their tears and burst with joy; they will throw the book away indignantly and then grab it helplessly back, gobbling up chapter after chapter. A lot of people would be baffled by such inexplicable behaviour. Well, I say “let them laugh!” I used to laugh just as well as much as the next man; that was until I read “The Lord of The Rings” written by Sir J. R. R. Tolkien.

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Communication. Deeper look

We live in a fast-growing world where the young have access to an unrelenting stream of incredible opportunities. Advances in engineering and computer science in the 20th century allowed mankind to make a huge leap in the technological sphere, introducing innovative means of communication which are nowadays in everyday use by modern adolescents. However, could those methods become a victim of their own success?

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