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Where friendship and honour still matter

They are all over the world, you see. You may not notice them in a crowd; they lead ordinary lives. But at home, where nobody is around to see them, they will hunch over a dog-eared book with an old, worn-out cover. They will smirk and sigh; they will wipe away their tears and burst with joy; they will throw the book away indignantly and then grab it helplessly back, gobbling up chapter after chapter. A lot of people would be baffled by such inexplicable behaviour. Well, I say “let them laugh!” I used to laugh just as well as much as the next man; that was until I read “The Lord of The Rings” written by Sir J. R. R. Tolkien.

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Communication. Deeper look

We live in a fast-growing world where the young have access to an unrelenting stream of incredible opportunities. Advances in engineering and computer science in the 20th century allowed mankind to make a huge leap in the technological sphere, introducing innovative means of communication which are nowadays in everyday use by modern adolescents. However, could those methods become a victim of their own success?

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