Stop and listen

Amiable people: the secret of charisma

We are all different. Some of you are party animals, others prefer to stay home; you might be a chatterbox or a mild-mannered person. You can be anything because you are unique. No one is the same, however, everyone, regardless their personality and social background, enjoys a friendly company of amiable, kind people. What is their secret?

You might not believe me, but the secret is, there is no secret. Unfortunately, since the time immemorial, people have been acting like they own everything. They take their life for granted, forgetting to ask about the price. They have become arrogant, cruel and selfish. They have become you and me.

When was the last time when you volunteered for something or gave someone a hand just for free? Why? – The truth is, we run through the life, forgetting to live. We take but do not give. No wonder, when we finally meet a kind-hearted person, we melt.

Who are they, these aliens, who we sincerely love and respect? They answer is simple: they are your reflection. A reflection of a person you would like to be. They stopped putting themselves first, they started to listen. It is not that difficult to open your heart to the world, not to think about insurmountable hurdles you occasionally face. And when you do, everything changes.

A candle. This is what you will become. A candle to those who are lost in their problems and vortex of life. And you will help them – not because you have to, but because you want to.

So, who do you want to be? The one who seeks, or the one who has already found?

Stop and listen.

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