Tomorrow comes, and tomorrow goes

Haven’t you ever thought why people keep a lot of things on the back burner? I bet you have because undoubtedly you are one of them. Surely everyone has their priorities in life, but their blind belief  in the endlessness of the shelf they have been putting the things on cannot be justified, as tomorrow comes and nothing changes. 

There is a theory, saying that everyone can make their dream come true by the end of the week. I cannot but agree with it because even if you are a high flier, you are unable to dream of a thing you subconsciously consider not to be achievable. The only obstacle, staying on our way, is our head. And it is reasonable enough, as we are obviously alive and not having something does not bring us any bad, so our mind  puts our dreams off for, let us say, tomorrow.

Some try New Year’s Resolutions. They make a must-do list and, of course, never follow it. Others try to draw a picture or a poster, imaging themselves having or achieving something. And this is where fun begins: they keep saying they do not have time to join a gym, but it is OK for them to spend hours on designing a piece of, let us face it, nothing but garbage to be.

To my mind, you should start today. Not with something big or small, but important. You have wanted to dive into a book? Well, you had better turn off the telly and eat up a chapter. Or there is a car which has been haunting you for ages, then consider saving a few bucks today. Remember, Rome was not built in one day and every penny counts.

And when tomorrow comes, and when it goes, you  will not be disappointed because for you, it will be just another today – a new day, a new step on the narrow path to your dream.


One thought on “Tomorrow comes, and tomorrow goes

  1. Lagertha Lodbrok

    Couldn’t agree more. Most people find themselves forever stuck in a vicious circle – they make a decision, contemplate the in-their-opinion possible ways to achieve it, tell a couple of their mates how determined they are and that’s where the initial motivation starts to wear off.

    The first thing I do after I wake up every morning is ask myself the question: do I want to continue lying down in bed and dreaming of something I’ve always wanted or do I get my bottom off the sheets and start chasing my dreams in reality? Rather than constantly worrying about the future, why not try to make it a tad better by starting now, at this very moment? Why don’t we all remind ourselves that if we stop procrastinating and start acting on our dreams right now, tomorrow we’ll get much closer in our way to that attractive shiny goalpost we’ve always called our dream? And if we dare suggest how many mountain peaks are still awaiting…


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