To lie or not to lie?

Everybody lies. We all have different reasons, motives and aims, but the fact remains, even the most honest-minded of us are nothing but liars. Somewhere deep down we know that it is just wrong, but we cannot resist and stop. We just do. Why?

Our world can be a dangerous place and being a human, one makes it even more perilous. We are afraid of reality, reasonability and life, that is why we sometimes go out of our way to help ourselves build a new, better world with no insurmountable hurdles in it. Besides that, people try to embellish the stark reality, so that they become a new, better person. It seems so ridiculous at first, but look at children. Nothing can be purer than a child’s heart, but even in their games they start imaging themselves in a different world, they play roles of people they want to be. Psychologists say, that it’s a part of their socialisation. They need, scientists claim, to embrace their power of imagination in order to ring the changes in the future.

And this is where the seed of doubts takes its roots. Why is it acceptable for an infant to play with facts, whereas the same action of an adult is considered to be heinous? I believe, the answer is in the runoff: people (in general) do not like being twisted round somebody’s finger. That is it. When we cover or blur the truth, we feel guilty, not more. But if we become a victim of one’s defamation, we get angry. This is the focal point in this problem. People want to set themselves apart from a deceitful society and, unfortunately, they do not make any efforts to change it.

“We have to tell a white lie” – they say, forgetting that even a small piece of insincerity will occasionally become an ocean of hypocrisy. Like an avalanche which started like a snowball, it will  lay to waste everything in its path and nothing will stop it. In addition, we should keep in mind a difficult question to be answered: who will suffer more – you, or the one who you ‘helped’. So next time, when you want to hide something, ask yourself an easy one: “to lie, or not to lie”, and stick to the latter.  You might face the music for your honesty, yes. But this is a start.

Sooner or later, the Universe will pay you back, as not a lie, but the truth should be told for the greater good.


One thought on “To lie or not to lie?

  1. Lagertha Lodbrok

    A couple of days ago my bestie and I were sitting at the kitchen table at the crack of dawn, when everyone else was fast asleep after a lively rave, lasting for a lifetime. As everyone knows, kitchen is just the place where the world gets set to rights by the most persistent of us, so that’s where my friend and I ended up having this conversation at 4:00 in the morning. My friend is a kind of person most people would call ‘direct’ face-to-face, and something varying from ‘tactless’ and ‘blunt’ to ‘unable to control her tongue’ and ‘bitchy’ behind her back. In other words, she’s used to scattering uncomfortable facts about others all over the place, and she never thinks twice if you ask her what she thinks about miss X’s behaviour at mister Y’s party last night.

    So that’s when she told me:

    ‘You know what, Li,’ and she even put aside her veggie spread sandwich, and I guessed, that’s how she intended to highlight the importance of that moment. ‘You know what. I’ve always considered myself to be honest and presented things as they really are, but here’s what I have recently discovered: the only person I can hardly ever tell the truth is MYSELF.”

    True, true, I thought. Paradoxically, I’m the only person who won’t laugh at me or tell me what a terrible piece of flesh I am, but only then did I notice that I lie to myself more times per day than I’ve ever done over my whole life using my voice, involving every single person I’ve known and met, including my mum, my exes, my teachers, shop-assistants in the supermarket, when they were asking if I had any spare change… I’m probably lying now, because the conversation I told you about above did not actually happen in the kitchen (I included that tiny little detail so that it sounded like a thumb-stopping story, not just a conventional comment no one would ever read on the net). Another poorly planned coffee break, another hurried meetup in between two lessons.

    Thanks for making people think with what you write on your blog. Feel there’s much more to be said here, yet my talking time has already been bluntly exceeded 🙂


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