What is the reason of anger?

Regardless our status and social background, everyone of us once in a while cracks up and sets our inner anger free. We try to hide it, but no matter how hard we try, our forbidden emotions find their way out.

They say that still waters run deep. Does it mean, that everything we were taught by our nurturers is nothing but a lie? Should not we keep our cool, but speak out our mind, so that we will avoid an explosion, burning everything and everyone on its path, in the future? Some people would agree with it, whereas others consider the opposite. They both have their reasons.

From my perspective, it is more reasonable to think about roots of a problem, rather than its consequences. What makes one furious? Where is no doubt, an adequate person will have a tough row to hoe in finding a reason for anger when he or she is happy and satisfied with the life. Therefore, it is prudent to assume, that the grain of an issue hides in people’s disapproval of leaving their comfort zone.

It drives us round the bend when something goes the way we do not want it to, when others act up and thwart our expectations. Maybe it is a focal point here. One wise man once said: “I don’t care if  you are disappointed with me, they were your expectations, not mine”. We cannot but agree with these words. People should find their peace with others, accept their ups and downs and put up with their occasional mischievousness.

There’s nothing to be done then C’est la vie!

2 thoughts on “What is the reason of anger?

  1. Kristina

    Anger is the most useless emotion, I think. It changes nothing but affects your health, your nervous system, wastes your time. It also shows your negative sides which you probably wanted to hide from people, but when person is uncontrollably angry, it’s difficult to hold one’s emotions and everything what is bad starts to come up. So, what people should do when they feel the wave of rage coming from deep inside their soul is to take a deep breath and eat chocolate:)

  2. Lagertha Lodbrok

    In general, I’ve noticed that in fact, some of us grow to like this state of mental vulnerability when we’ve been finding ourselves under constant stress for quite a long period of time. Getting used to unstoppable rain of failures, which doesn’t seem to let up, and gradually acquiring the mindset of a closed-up and negatively thinking person, some people lose control over both themselves and reality and view their anger as a conventional thing. Interestingly, when something uplifting actually does happen, those people don’t usually regard it as a lucky break and eventually, as a way out. For some of those deep-rooted negativists, depression is part of their life where they feel comfortable, and if a slightest positive shift dares change the habitual matter of things, the ground starts shaking and trembling under their feet, and people subconsciously lose control over everything, including their mood and some of their everyday thoughts, renting some space in their head up to the point where they can claim their ownership of your whole life! In that way, life becomes unpredictable, and that’s one of the biggest fears the majority of us have!


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