Do we need them?

Hardly anyone would question the absolute importance of memory in today’s life. It is an undeniable fact: people’s ability to remember the past is a gift from heaven. However, with time, everything changes.

Over the last decades, the humanity has made a huge leap towards high-technology future. It is impossible to imagine our life in the way if all of those computers, on which we rely even more than ourselves, had not been invented. Why does one have to remember anything, if he or she has an iPad which can do the task by itself? Unfortunately, it can lead us to inconvertible consequences: people can lose their memory skills. Therefore, it is prudent to assume, that despite the fact that electronic devices have a huge impact on our life, we still should train and develop our mental acquirements.

On the other hand, it is said that memories can be corrupted by person’s imagination. For this reason, reminiscences cannot serve as a veracious source of information about the past. Nevertheless, people’s remembrances affect their personality. If one, by any chance, due mental or physical diseases, loses the ability to recall the past, they will ultimately forget their inner self. Never will one face a torture worse than losing one’s mind.

Thus, taking into account everything mentioned above, I would presume, that memories are the bridge to the past; and no matter how fragile it can be or look, sooner or later, it will be the only one left.

2 thoughts on “Do we need them?

  1. Kristina

    Talking about memory, I have one useless (or useful, I am not sure) skill…I remember almost ALL poems and songs both in Russian and English from the school’s bench. Like…really I had a lesson one day and one of mu student kept complaining about how literature was hard, and how impossibly difficult to learn poems by heart. “What are you learning now”, – I asked. Student started to read the beginning of the poem (from the 6th of 7 th form) and I easily continued. “Show me the literature book”, – I demanded. Reading the school literature book, I started to recall and to awake in my memory lines of poems of different authors. Surprisingly, I discovered that I remember not only Russian but also English poems (starting from the 4th form). The same with songs (though I can’t sing). So, somewhere deep in my mind there is a chest where all poems and songs and everything that rhymes lie.

  2. Valeria

    For sure – why do we need this ability to remember?
    I’ve been reflecting a tad on this thought…
    Probably, that’s our reality, and the more we know and can remind, the bigger and deeper our innner world is


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