The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate

It goes without saying that people have paid a lot of attention to the various means of communication in the last few years. The modern world requires new ways of sending and receiving data and looks for a versatile method. However, the more we seek, the less we actually talk.

On the one hand, it is crucial to have a message posted, otherwise there is no point in writing it. To make it possible and work in the fastest way imaginable the Internet was invented and today we are living in the age of social networking dominance. Everyone has an Instagram or Facebook account. And although we have never been in touch so easily, one could hardly deny the fact that we have never been so lonely before. Fake friends on the web-site, the yearning for popularity with subscribers has turned us into narrow-minded people who will do their best just to keep up with the Joneses.

On the other hand, advances in the world of technology have allowed the science to make a huge leap in space exploration and humanitarian support. It is difficult to believe, but fifty or so years ago a Morse Code transmitter used to be the most efficient means of communication around the world. These days we use it just as an antique dashboard decor. Satellite telephones and ultrafast internet enable us to receive and send millions of messages  literally all around the world  in a matter of seconds.

Bearing in mind everything mentioned above, I would like to emphasise the fact that the disadvantages of having so many means of communication, alas, outweigh their positive points. I am sure, if people had not invented them, we would have much more sociable lives these days.  

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